Green breakfast smoothie

Wake up with the trendiest color of smoothie!


Kale 2 cups, chopped
Soy milk 1 cup
Fresh spinach 1 cup
Banana 1, broken into chunks
Frozen raspberries 1/4 cup
Frozen pineapple chunks 1/4 cup

10 minutes to prepare, ready in 10 minutes

There are few smoothies that are more trendy than a green smoothie. To some, they’re a sign of showing off how healthy the drinker is being; to others – whatever, they like whatever is in it. Either way, this is a fantastic, quick and nutritious breakfast solution.

Step 1: Start by preparing all the ingredients listed above.

Step 2: In a clean blender, blend together all of the ingredients until smooth.

If you don’t like it super smooth, you can obviously leave in whatever chunks you like – just remember that it may be difficult to drink through a straw!

If you don;t have a full blender unit, a hand blender in a suitable container will work perfectly fine.

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