Spicy Pesto Chicken and Pasta

Chicken and Creamy Pesto With a Hint of Spice!


Bow Tie Pasta 1 16oz package
Hot chile paste 1 tablespoon
Olive oil 3 tablespoons
Parmesan cheese 1/2 cup, grated
Cilantro 1/2 cup, chopped
Basil pesto 6 tablespoons
Chicken breast halves 1 pound, skinless/boneless

15 minutes to prepare, 25 minutes to cook, ready in 40 minutes

This spicy dish adds cheese and olive oil for a hint of cream, and a savory flavor. Fresh basil pesto pairs wonderfully with traditional pasta and fresh chicken. Leftovers save quite well and make great meals for the week! Top with fresh grated parmesan and ground pepper.

Step 1: Boil large pot of water and cook bow tie pasta for approximately 8 minutes, to be served al dente

Step 2: Heat olive oil using skillet

Step 3: Mix in chicken and chile paste

Step 4: Cook for approximately 10 minutes, making sure to stir dish

Step 5: Add cooked bow tie pasta, basil pesto, cheese, and cilantro

Step 6: Let dish cook until heated evenly

This dish is equal parts spicy and savory, with the addition of chile paste and creamy basil mayo.

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