Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo

The Best, Creamy Sauce With Fresh Pasta!


Fettuccine Pasta 10 ounces, dry
Garlic 5 cloves, minced
Egg yolk 1
Heavy cream 1 cup
Butter 1/2 cup
Parmesan cheese 2 cups, grated
Dried parsley 2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper to taste

10 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to cook, ready in 20 minutes

This recipe for traditional creamy fettuccine alfredo is flavorful and creamy. Notes of fresh garlic and basil mix with a buttery, creamy sauce. Easy to prepare in a rush or on a schedule!

Step 1: Boil large pot of water, adding small amount of salt

Step 2: Cook pasta for approximately 8 minutes, to be served al dente

Step 3: Melt butter using skillet and add in garlic, cook for 5 minutes using low heat settings

Step 4: Add 1/4 cup of heavy cream into bowl and beat with egg yolk, pour remaining cream into fry pan

Step 5: Whisk cream as it starts to boil, using medium heat settings

Step 6: Add in cream/egg mix and blend

Step 7: Add in 1 cup of parmesan cheese and continue stirring

Step 8: Add in remaining cheese and parsley, mix and blend

Step 9: Add sauce to top warm cooked pasta

This recipe yields delicious pasta with the most perfect alfredo sauce! Add chicken or shrimp on top if desired!

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