Basil Parmesan Chicken Salad

Creamy and Savory!


Celery 3 stalks, chopped
Garlic 2 cloves, crushed
Salt and Pepper To taste
Mayonnaise 1 cup
Chicken breasts 2, skinless/boneless
Fresh basil 1 cup, chopped
Parmesan cheese 2/3 cup

15 minutes to prepare, 35 minutes to cook, ready in 1 hour and 50 minutes

This chicken salad recipe combines creamy, fresh parmesan cheese with notes of garlic and fresh basil, for a delicious dish that suits any sandwich or salad and saves for days!

Step 1: Add salt and pepper to chicken for seasoning

Step 2: Roast seasoned chicken using heat settings of 375 degrees F, until juices run clear

Step 3: Let chicken cool and slice into pieces

Step 4: Puree basil, garlic, mayonnaise and celery together using a blender or food processor

Step 5: Add parmesan cheese to pureed mix and mix together with chicken chunks

Step 6: Put into fridge, to be served cold

This is a unique spin on an American classic, and makes the perfect topping for a salad or sandwich!

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