Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A Classic Lunch With Flavorful Pesto!


American Cheese 1 slice
Provolone Cheese 1 slice
Tomato 2 slices
Italian Bread 2 slices
Butter 1 tablespoon, softened and divided
Pesto sauce 1 tablespoon, divided
Salt and Pepper As desired

5 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to cook, ready in 15 minutes

Traditional grilled cheese remains a go-to for lunch on the go, this double-cheese style sandwich combines tomato and fresh pesto sauce (can be supplemented with basil mayo, if preferred), adds a unique touch to a savory treat.

Step 1: Using a nonstick skillet, place one slice of bread over medium heat after buttering one side

Step 2: Add half of the pesto sauce, tomato and both slices of cheese- spread on to bread while on skillet

Step 3: Spread the rest of the pesto sauce on to second bread slice and butter the top, placing bread together to form sandwich

Step 4: Butter

Step 5: Fry sandwich for approximately 5 minutes until golden or desired cook is achieved

This recipe is simple, quick, and makes a crunchy and gooey treat with an added flair!

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