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$100 off Sun Basket Promo Codes & Coupons | Updated April 2020

Sun Basket Promo Code for April 2020

Sun Basket ranks #1 in our list of meal kit delivery services due to its organic and non-GMO ingredients. We update our Sun Basket promo codes on a daily basis for all meal kit companies, and more importantly, we recommend which one you should use for the best discount.

Supply Issues!

Thank you for visiting MyFoodSubscriptions, unfortunately, we have to announce that Sun Basket is not taking on new customers as of April 03, 2020, due to supply chain issues. As you may now, the coronavirus epidemic has placed strain across many businesses and has driven demand towards various meal delivery services. The following is a statement from Sun Basket:

We hope that this is a temporary hiccup and that within a week Sun Basket will be processing new orders again.

If you’re interested in alternatives, we’ll be happy to offer a few options, as well as including a discount code on the spot!

Home Chef ($100 off)
If you’re looking for a similar service to Sun Basket, then Home Chef fits the bill perfectly. They have a well-sized menu, and they will ship fresh ingredients right to your door. Lucky for you, we have a $100 coupon code available!

Splendid Spoon ($35 off)
This company focuses on healthy meals, with a particular focus on plant-based & gluten-free meals. You don’t have to do any cooking or chopping, as the meals are delivered ready to go. You have a selection between various rice bowls, smoothies, and soups! We’ve tried them, and love them! Best of all, we have this pretty $35 off offer to share with you! You can also take a quick peek at their menu by clicking here.

Freshly ($60 off)
Another service that ships pre-made meals to you. All it takes to start eating is microwaving your meals first! They have a pretty generous menu selection, and we’ve personally reviewed them on Youtube! As we promised, we do have a sweet code for them, which is $60 off.

Purple Carrot ($30 off)
Similar to either Sun Basket or Home Chef; Purple Carrot will ship fresh ingredients to your door with a recipe card. They are also a plant-based meal delivery company but trust us, the meals are absolutely delicious even if you are a meat-lover. If you’re interested in eating healthier than usual, then Purple Carrot is a must-try. Make sure to pick up this $30 off code before ordering! You won’t see the code apply until you begin selecting your meals FYI.

So there you have it, four recommendations. Until Sun Basket comes back online, any links directed towards Sun Basket will be redirected to Home Chef. If you really want to get your hands on Sun Basket, then make sure to bookmark us, and check-in every few days.

The codes are newly updated for April¬†2020. Unfortunately, there is only one valid coupon code available this month, but it’s still a hefty one!

There is only one offer available for April, which is the 50% promo code + 4 free gifts shown above and below. ¬†With this code, you’ll only pay $6.99 for each serving – quite the deal!

If you’re still on the fence with Sun Basket, make sure to read our in-depth Sun Basket review!

As a reminder, Sun Basket coupons are only available for new customers in the USA. Fortunately, the discount code is valid for all meal plans.

Additional Promo Codes:

  • 50% off Promo Mediterranean Meals

  • 50% off Promo Plant-Based Meals

  • 50% off Promo Heathy-Based Meals

  • 50% off Promo Carb-Conscious Meals

Expired Codes

$80 Promo for new customers
$75 Promo for new customers
$50 Promo for new customers
$45 Promo for new customers
3 Free Meals for new customers
$35 Promo for new customers

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