Breakfast smoothie

Fast, flavorsome and filling!


Mixed frozen berries 1/2 cup
Greek yogurt 1/4 cup
Steel-cut oats 1/4 cup
Water 1/4 cup
Protein powder 1 scoop
Honey 1 teaspoon

5 minutes to prepare, ready in 5 minutes

It’s pretty common knowledge how easy and convenient smoothies are as a breakfast!

However, there is a tendency to use just fruit, and maybe a bit of milk. This one is just as easy to prepare, but a little bit more filling, and with the additional nutritional value of the protein.

Step 1: Pop all of the ingredients together in your blender, or into an appropriate container if you’re using a hand blender.

Step 2: Blend until smooth, or until desired smoothness if preferred.

Yeah, there’s not an awful lot to this recipe.

You can swap out most of the ingredients for other stuff, for example, honey for sweetener; use flavored protein powder; use any combination of berries you like.

Just be mindful of what effect that might have on the calorie count though.

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