The Benefits Of Using a Slow Cooker (Save Money & Better Taste?)

Most of us don’t think about using slow cookers to cook most or all of our meals, but there are some benefits to using one in comparison to a traditional stove that we may not have even considered.

First, using a slow cooker is actually a budget-friendly option that saves on energy costs, and you can typically find them for low costs (some loyal fans even use $20 slow cookers to prepare everything from vegetables to meat dishes, and use the extra money for spices to season meals to perfection).

Slow cooked meals, while as the name suggests do take more time, can also save on added clean up and prep time, and generally yield delicious meals that are both nutritionally sound and flavorful.

We all know that some of the best tasting meals can be time consuming, but especially on lazy weekend days, using a slow cooker to prepare your favorite dish or do meal prep while you turn on a football game or do other leisure activities can leave us with staple foods for the days and weeks to come and a great meal to enjoy that evening.

So what types of foods and meals can you prepare using a slow cooker, and when and why is this a better option (in comparison to traditional oven cooking)?

Meals You Can Make Using Slow Cookers

One of the best benefits to using a slow cooker as opposed to traditional cooking is the ability to make and cook tasty meals that nearly cook themselves, and this makes an excellent option for those new to cooking (it’s great for college students, or if you’re looking for ease and convenience).

A lot of different meals can be enjoyed using a slow cooker, including meat dishes, granola and breakfast foods, fresh vegetables (that are healthier to digest and eat cooked), and a wide range of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner servings.

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