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$60 off Blue Apron Coupon Code | Free Trial | Updated March 2020

Blue Apron ranks #3 in our list of meal kit delivery services. If you’re ready to order Blue Apron, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you will find a Blue Apron coupon code that will save you money as a new customer. While there are no free trials of Blue Apron, the promo code below offers a massive discount on your first few orders.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Apron has been struggling in offering a full selection for their customers. We expect to see a limited selection by Blue Apron for the next few weeks. As an alternative, we recommend trying out Home Chef. They are a similar service to Blue Apron, and fortunately, they’ve been able to continue providing their customers with a full selection. You may either check out our Home Chef coupons or simply click here for a $100 off coupon for Home Chef.

For the time being, any links on this page will be redirected to Home Chef’s page. If you want to wait to order Blue Apron, check back in with us in the coming weeks, and we’ll let you know when Blue Apron is fully functional again.

Best Blue Apron Promo Code for April 2020:

$60 off: $20 off your first order, $20 off your second order, and $20 off your third order.

By clicking on the link above, you will automatically apply the discount to your order. Depending on your order size, $20 off on each order will take about 30% off each order, which is a pretty good saving!

Example of how the savings work:

If you order a plan of 3 recipes per week, for two people, you will be paying for a total of 6 servings per week. Each recipe costs $9.99; so if we round out the total, you’ll pay about $60 per shipment for 6 servings. $20 off on each of these shipments brings down the cost to $40 per shipment or a 33% savings! Instead of each serving costing $9.99, you’ll be paying $6.60 per serving with the coupon code.

As a reminder, there is no such thing as a Blue Apron free trial, you are not able to receive meals from them without actually paying for a portion of them.

On MFS, our number one rated meal kit service is Sun Basket, and you can read about our Sun Basket opinion. Even better, we have a great sun basket discount for 2020.

Expired Blue Apron Coupons

  • $30 off promo
  • $40 off promo
  • $60 off promo
  • $75 off coupon
  • $120 off coupon

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