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$100 off Blue Apron Coupon Code | Free Trial? | Updated May 2021

Blue Apron Promo Codes

Blue Apron ranks #3 in our list of meal kit delivery services. If you’re ready to order Blue Apron, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you will find a Blue Apron coupon code that will save you money as a new customer. While there are no free trials of Blue Apron, the promo code below offer a massive discount on your first few orders.

Best Blue Apron Promo Code for May 2021:

blue apron coupon
$100 off Blue Apron split across your first 5 orders.

By clicking on the banner above, you will automatically apply the discount to your order. Depending on your order size, $20 off on each order will take about 30% off each order, which is a pretty good saving!

We would also like to mention that the current coupon code of $100 off is only valid until April 11, 2021. Starting the 6th, the highest coupon that will be available will be $60 off. So in other words, if you are interested in Blue Apron, it does make sense to complete your purchase soon if you want to take advantage of the better discount.

Example of how the savings work:

If you order a plan of 3 recipes per week, for two people, you will be paying for a total of 6 servings per week. Each recipe costs $9.99; so if we round out the total, you’ll pay about $60 per shipment for 6 servings. $20 off on each of these shipments brings down the cost to $40 per shipment or a 33% savings! Instead of each serving costing $9.99, you’ll be paying $6.60 per serving with the coupon code.

Lastly, there is no such thing as a Blue Apron free trial, you are not able to receive meals from them without actually paying for a portion of them.

On MFS, our number one rated meal kit service is Sun Basket, and you can read about our Sun Basket opinion. Even better, we have a great sun basket discount for 2021.

Additional Blue Apron Coupons:

All of these coupons will require verifying your ID, and they expire at the end of the year.

Coupons for other Meal Kits:

Blue Apron

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