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58% off Sunbasket Promo & Coupon Code | Oct. 2023

Sunbasket Coupon for October 2023

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Sunbasket is ranked #1 by MyFoodSubscriptions for meal kits due to its use of organic produce, non-GMO ingredients, and variety in specialty offerings; such as gluten-free or high-protein meals.

In 2022, we reviewed Sunbasket, and spoiler alert – we still love them! But more importantly, and why you’re here, and before YOU order Sunbasket, make sure to apply our Sunbasket promo code!


As with most other meal kit companies, the best discount offered by Sunbasket isn’t applied to your first order, it’s actually spread across your first several deliveries. But, the largest savings is usually attributed to your very first delivery!

$90 Sunbasket Promo

What’s the best Sunbasket Promo for 2023?

We check for the best Sunbasket coupon code on a daily basis to make sure we give our readers access to the best ones. As of October 2023, the best discount is the following SUNBASKET PROMO which not only applies a $90 Sunbasket coupon to your account but also makes you eligible to receive (1) free gift!

You can either click on the green, bolded text above, or on the green button below to apply it to your account.


What’s the free gift by Sunbasket? It could be any of the snacks that they offer. It may be a smoothie, a soup, a salad, or maybe a protein bar!

But here is what you can expect once the Sunbasket promo code is applied:

A couple of things to notice. As mentioned before, the greatest discount is with your first delivery. In this case, our total is reduced by $40.01. $30 of that savings comes from discounting the actual price of the meals, while the remaining $10 comes from giving us “Free Shipping”. The “Free Gift” is what causes the full savings on your first delivery to be $50.

How much money does the coupon save me?

It’s important to know that Sunbasket offers two different sorts of meal plans. You either have “Meal-Kits” or “Fresh n Ready” meals. The difference between the two is that for Meal Kits, you are mostly ordering just the ingredients, and the recipe card to cook the meal yourself. While for “Fresh n Ready” meals, the meals are already nearly cooked for you, so all you’ll need to do once you receive a delivery is throw it into an oven for a little bit of time.

But here are the actual savings:


On your first delivery, you can save as much as 58% off each meal for “Meal Kits”, and 57% off each meal for “Fresh & Ready” meals. In other words, the Sunbasket coupon codes we’re sharing with you will discount more than half of the meals for you!


Popular questions by new Sunbasket Customers:

Question: Does Sunbasket offer a free trial?

Answer: Nope, sorry! They’ve never offered any sort of trial, and there isn’t any expectation for them to do so.

Question: Does Sunbasket offer a student or a military discount?

Answer: Unfortunately they do not. The only discount that is available to the general one for all new customers.

Question: How much is Sunbasket?

Answer: Each meal contains (2) servings. The more meals you order per delivery, the cheaper each meal will be. You can pay from $23 per meal kit, or $30 per meal kit. Remember, the fewer meals per delivery, the more you pay per meal. If you opt for the “Fresh n Ready” meals, then you’ll pay less, $20 per meal to $25 per meal. All these prices are without our promo being applied to your order. We do have a full-page breakdown of the costs here.

Question: Does Sunbasket offer a refund?

Answer: Yes they do! If for some reason or another, you didn’t enjoy your meal, you can give them a call and they’ll refund you for your purchase. There has been times in the past when one of the ingredients we received wasn’t in great shape, and we shot them an email, and they refunded up a portion of the meal! So they’re great when it comes to customer service.

Question: How easy is it to cancel your subscription?

Answer: You can do it directly from your online account. No calling, no emailing, no chat support. You simply log in, head to your “Account Settings”, and then click on “Manage Subscription”, followed by “Deactivate Account”. 

Additional Promo Codes:

These promo codes below will apply to the specific meal options available with Sunbasket:

Sun Basket

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