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$114 off Sunbasket Promo & Coupon Code | May 2021

Sunbasket Promo for May 2021

Sunbasket ranks #1 in our list of meal kit delivery services due to its organic and non-GMO ingredients. We update our Sunbasket promo on a daily basis, and most importantly, we recommend which Sunbasket promo code you should use for the best discount. To cut to the chase, the best coupon there is to offer is a $114 total coupon, which is $90 in credits for your first 4 orders, and then $24 in free snacks.

As a new customer to Sunbasket, you might have noticed that meals cost between $8-$11 depending on how many servings that you order, but with the Sunbasket coupon that we share on this page, you’ll be paying nearly half of that on your first order! If you’re looking for a further explanation on the savings and the discount, keep on scrolling. If you don’t care to read much longer, then click on any of the green buttons on the page!

$114 off Sunbasket Coupon Code

For starters, if this is your first time hearing about the company, then you’re in luck, for the month of May, they’ve released the largest promo code that they have ever promoted. Let’s look at the details:

  • $45 off your 1st order + free shipping on your first order ($37 off the meals, and $8 off for shipping)
  • $15 off your 2nd order
  • $15 off your 3rd order
  • $15 off your 4th order
  • A free food gift on each of your first four deliveries. ($6 per gift, for a total of $24)

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free trial, so the only available promo is one that provides a discount on your order. Even so, this is still a great coupon to take advantage of since it heavily discounts your first few orders.

As you can tell in the image, on your first order, each serving gets discounted from $11.99, down to $5.82! If you elect to go with the “Fresh & Ready” meals, then applying our Sunbasket promo will look as follows:

As a heads up, the “Fresh & Ready” option is relatively new, but they serve as a great option for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to cook all the food from scratch.

fresh and ready offer

What are the gifts?

The cherry on top when it comes to the current coupon code are the free gifts that come with your deliveries. While you won’t know exactly what they’ll send you, you can assume that you’ll receive snacks such as Marcona Almonds or Parmesan Crisps or maybe even Organic Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bites!

4 free gifts

Applying the Coupon

There are two simple requirements for using any coupons offered by Sunbasket:

  • You’ve never ordered from them before, aka – you must be a new customer
  • You must be located in the continental USA – sorry Alaska and Hawaii!

If you fit both of those requirements, then all you have to do is click on this LINK, and the coupon is instantly applied to your cart!

You’ll know that you did everything right when your checkout page looks similar to this:

FYI – when you first land on the checkout page, you’ll see a popup appear that prompts you to add the “Free Shipping” to your order, so make sure to apply that offer.

Lastly, I do want to point out that we do provide a promo code for many different meal kit services out there, and while it’s common for other companies to provide larger coupons than Sunbasket, I’m happy that this time around, they increased their offer to match fellow competitors. Especially because we absolutely love the company and their meal kits. They have meal options to cater for all sorts of different dietary restrictions such as diabetes-friendly, paleo, vegetarian, carb-conscious; and so on. They do this while keeping all their ingredients organic and non-gmo, and on top of that, they are conscious of the packaging waste and make efforts to be environmentally friendly.

In my opinion, Sunbasket is the best meal kit delivery service out there, and you won’t go wrong by using our coupon and experiencing your first delivery. If you’re looking for a deeper dive, take a look at our review.

If you are having any issues with the promo, then make sure to leave a comment below!


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