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How much is Sun Basket?

You might have noticed that when it comes to various meal kits, it can get a bit confusing to figure out what the actual cost per meal is. We’re going to make your life easier by going into detail on how much Sun Basket really costs.

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Sun Basket Cost

How much does Sun Basket cost?
Sun Basket has a different cost for the “Classic Plan” and the “Family Plan”

How much you pay per meal (dinner menu) will depend on how many meals you order per delivery. The most you will pay for a single serving is $12.99, and the lowest you’ll pay for a single serving is $10.99.

We’ve put together a table to better explain the pricing.

Price table

Does adding more recipes/meals to your delivery lower the price?

2 recipes$12.99 per serving$51.46 total
3 recipes$11.99 per serving$71.94 total
4 recipes$10.99 per serving$87.92 total

You will notice when ordering, that you have an option of ordering 3 or 4 servings per recipe, but ordering more than 2 servings per recipe will not affect the price you pay per serving. The only way to save money per serving is by simply ordering more meals per delivery.

Do all the dinner meal plans cost the same?

Whether you order the “Chef’s Plan” or the “Vegetarian Plan”, you will still pay the same price per serving, which you can find in the table above.

Sun Basket continues to expand their meal plans, and it’s a good guess to say that all future meal plans will be priced the same.

How much are Sun Basket add-ons?

Outside of the typical meal plans, you can also select “add-ons” for your meals. If you wish to see the addons, then make sure to take a look at our Sun Basket menu page.

  • Breakfast Meals: $9.99+
  • Lunch Meals: $9.99+
  • Snacks: $4.99+
  • Proteins: $4.99+
  • Pasta: $6.99+

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