Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

Deciding on what meal kit delivery service best suits you is difficult, especially with the many dozen that exist. On this page, you’ll find all the popular meal kits reviewed in length. In every review, you’ll find images of the ingredients, the prepared meals, as well as all the information you need to know about each company.  If you’ve made your mind up already, then make sure to check out the available coupon codes we have for each meal kit company.

#1: Sun Basket

#2: Home Chef

  • Home ChefPhoto of $120 off Home Chef Coupon Code | Updated 2022

    $120 off Home Chef Coupon Code | Updated 2022

    Disclosure: If you make a purchase by clicking a link on this page, we may earn a commission. Home Chef ranks #2 in our list of meal kit delivery services. On this page, you will find newly updated Home Chef coupon codes, and more importantly, the best discount code for new customers. You can also click here to read our Home Chef review. #1 Recommended Home Chef Coupon You may either click on the image above to apply your $120 Home Chef coupon code automatically or simply click on this URL. We make sure to constantly keep this updated with any new offers or promos from the company, so feel free to check back in if you’re not ready to purchase today! It’s worth noting that the promo code applies instantly, once you click on either the banner above or on the URLs that mention the discount. Once you get to the checkout page, you will see the discount applied at checkout. If it’s your first time trying out Home Chef, then you’re eligible for the savings. This also stands true for ALL of their meal plans, or even the size of the plan, the coupon will still work. If…

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#3: Blue Apron

  • Blue ApronPhoto of $110 off Blue Apron Coupon Code | Free Trial? | Updated Dec 2022

    $110 off Blue Apron Coupon Code | Free Trial? | Updated Dec 2022

    Disclosure: If you make a purchase by clicking a link on this page, we may earn a commission. Blue Apron ranks #3 in our list of meal kit delivery services. If you’re ready to order Blue Apron, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find a Blue Apron coupon code that will save you money as a new customer. While there are no Blue Apron free trials or a free box from them, but the promo code below offers a massive discount on your first few orders. Best Blue Apron Promo Code for December 2022: By clicking on the banner above, you will automatically apply the discount to your order. Depending on your order size, $27.50 off on each order will take about 50% off each order, which is a pretty good saving! Example of how the savings work: If you order a plan of 3 recipes per week, for two people, you will be paying for a total of 6 servings per week. Each recipe costs $9.99; so if we round out the total, you’ll pay about $60 per shipment for 6 servings. $20 off on each of these shipments brings down the cost to $32.50…

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#4: Green Chef

  • Meal KitsPhoto of Review: Green Chef (Like Your Own Private Sous Chef?)

    Review: Green Chef (Like Your Own Private Sous Chef?)

    Green Chef is one of the best meal delivery subscription kits if you’re looking to follow a certain diet with the highest quality flavor, most options to pick from, and if you’re interested in organic and non-GMO plans (which all of their menu options adhere to). Green Chef offers Keto, Paleo, Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Gluten-Free menu options in both 2 person servings and family-style plans. The service has earned “excellent” ratings across the board, with major media outlets comparing it to the convenience of having your own private sous chef delivered fresh to your door whenever you’d like. The Green Chef meal recipes are easy to prepare and all feature pre-made spices, sauces, and fresh ingredients. All of the boxes are delivered freshly insulated right to your door, with new menu options to pick from every week. Boxes can be delivered anytime at your convenience between Mondays-Fridays within the U.S., and all come in sustainable eco- friendly packaging. Green Chef: Meal Options and Plans Green Chef takes into account all different types of diets and preferences, so you can select a 2 person plan with 3 dinners per week (6 total), or a family plan of 2 dinners…

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#5: Purple Carrot

  • Meal KitsPhoto of Review: Purple Carrot (Best Vegan Food Delivery Service?)

    Review: Purple Carrot (Best Vegan Food Delivery Service?)

    Purple Carrot seems to be revolutionizing the way we think about plant-based eating and healthy meal delivery service options. Also, that vegan food can actually be really delicious and easy to prepare! Whether you’re currently a vegan or thinking of starting a new vegan diet yourself or for your whole family, a meal kit plan can make the process a lot easier and save on time, confusion, and convenience. It can also be difficult to select from different options at grocery stores, or while dining out if you are practicing a vegan diet, but with Purple Carrot, there are so many different options to select from it makes the process really simple. Not only are the meals easy and fast to whip up, they actually taste good. And for many of us, especially newcomers to the vegan “lifestyle,” that’s the main problem. We have problems in finding healthy choices that are easy to make, that the family will enjoy, and that will actually taste good. Purple Carrot’s philosophy is based on plant-based diets lowering the risks of chronic health conditions, improving chronic disease, and improving the environment and animal welfare. While the choice is a very personal one, if you’re…

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#6: Plated

  • Meal KitsPhoto of Review: Plated (Healthy, Sustainable & High Quality)

    Review: Plated (Healthy, Sustainable & High Quality)

    Plated is a unique standout meal delivery service in that it offers a lot of flexibility, freedom in recipe combinations, and the option to pick between 20 different recipes and dessert options per week. In addition to that and the standard convenience factor, all of Plated’s sourcing is organic, fresh and seasonal, with no added hormones, artisanal ingredients, sustainably caught seafood, and all pork and poultry are raised free of any antibiotics. So if you are in search of a meal delivery subscription service prepared fresh and with only the highest quality of sourcing and preparation, Plated is an excellent option to pick from in comparison to some competitors. Not only are dishes thoughtfully sourced, uniquely crafted, and finely curated (making the dishes taste excellent), Plated offers a cookbook and blog space for foodies to collectively plan and execute their next creations. The blog of course is free and uniquely written by a collection of specialty content authors, and the book is available per purchase. This is also a highly-rated company in terms of customer service and support, and one of the first and only we have tested with live chat options if you ever need help with your order…

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#7: Martha & Marley Spoon

  • Meal KitsPhoto of Review: Martha & Marley Spoon (Martha Stewart’s Favorite Meals)

    Review: Martha & Marley Spoon (Martha Stewart’s Favorite Meals)

    Using Martha & Marley’s Spoon service, you can have freshly prepared meals selected and approved by none other than Martha Stewart herself, and we can all safely admit she’s the queen of all kitchen and cooking related endeavors. Originally just called Marley Spoon, the newly termed Martha & Marley (when Stewart partnered with the company in 2016), offers weekend dinners for couples and families and recipe cards with every box with surprisingly easy to follow instructions and recipes. So those who are not master chefs need not be intimidated by the name or branding, although this is likely still not the perfect option if you are looking for meals that are ready in 5 minutes. All of the meals change on a week to week basis to prevent boredom and come with a lot of variety for those with all preferences and on all types of diets, and each meal has pre-packaged ingredients with everything you need to prepare every dish. The only downside with Martha & Marley Spoon is that while absolutely delicious, in comparison to some of the other meal delivery subscription services we have reviewed thus far, the meal prep times can be a little longer than…

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#8: Freshly

  • Meal KitsPhoto of Review: Freshly (Chef-Cooked & Ready In 3 Minutes)

    Review: Freshly (Chef-Cooked & Ready In 3 Minutes)

    Most meal delivery services offer added convenience, but using Freshly is a convenience at a different level. All meals are delivered fresh (not frozen), and there is no cooking involved at all. They all come ready to eat, can be enjoyed at your own convenience, and you can save on both cooking and cleaning time. Additionally, all Freshly meals are gluten-free, free of refined sugars, and very high in protein. While the focal point of the menu does tend to be meat and seafood options, there are a large variety of vegetarian options to select from and options are highly customizable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in comparison to all of the previous meal review services we have tested and reviewed. Menu options are constantly evolving, so you get to decide every week what you would like next and always try out new dishes, with all natural (although not completely organic ingredients) to select from. A lot of customers select Freshly not just for the ease of preparation and saving on cook and clean time, but even for weight loss purposes. Because the meals are packed with protein yet light and nutritious, they keep you feeling full throughout the day…

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#9: HelloFresh

  • Meal KitsPhoto of HelloFresh Discount for Existing/Returning Customers

    HelloFresh Discount for Existing/Returning Customers

    Disclosure: If you make a purchase by clicking a link on this page, we may earn a commission. So you’re in love with HelloFresh, but are in search for a HelloFresh Discount as a returning customer? Well, we’re going to discuss how you could receive additional discounts as an existing customer, and the sort of alternatives you could consider. For starters, all of the freely available promo codes that you find online are only meant for new HelloFresh customers. Typically, any new promotions issued are meant to attract new customers, so finding ones for existing ones is considerably more difficult. How to get a discount as an existing HelloFresh customer: 1) Canceling your subscription: Subscription companies do not want to lose existing customers, so if you actually cancel your subscription, then within a few weeks, you should receive a coupon code either by email or by mail. For information on how to cancel your subscription, you can find more information at this link. 2) Buying discounted gift cards: If you head over to eBay, and simply search for “HelloFresh Gift Cards”, you may find someone selling a HelloFresh gift card that they received as a present. Just make sure that…

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