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HelloFresh Discount for Existing/Returning Customers

Coupon for Returning HelloFresh Customers

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So you’re in love with HelloFresh, but are in search of a HelloFresh Discount as a returning customer? Well, we’re going to discuss how you could receive additional discounts as an existing customer, and the sort of alternatives you could consider.

For starters, all of the freely available promo codes that you find online are only meant for new HelloFresh customers. Typically, any new promotions issued are meant to attract new customers, so finding ones for existing ones is considerably more difficult.

How to get a discount as an existing HelloFresh customer:

1) Canceling your subscription: Subscription companies do not want to lose existing customers, so if you actually cancel your subscription, then within a few weeks, you should receive a coupon code either by email or by mail. For information on how to cancel your subscription, you can find more information at this link.

2) Buying discounted gift cards: If you head over to eBay, and simply search for “HelloFresh Gift Cards”, you may find someone selling a HelloFresh gift card that they received as a present. Just make sure that you’re buying a gift card that actually works for existing customers since many people try to sell “Gift Cards” that only work for new customers, and are actually coupons.

3) Cash-back credit cards: So a “Blue Cash Preferred” card by American Express provides 6% cashback on Supermarket/Grocery shopping, and often, orders to HelloFresh fit under that category. Here is an example from a statement:

hellofresh cashback

4) Try other meal kit services: As mentioned in the introduction, when you signup as a new customer to other meal kit companies, you will be able to take full advantage of the great promo codes that are available as a new customer. Fortunately, we review and provide details for many other meal kit companies on our site, so we do suggest taking a look.

Our #1 recommendation would be Sunbasket, and if you head to our Sunbasket coupons, you will be able to snag a coupon for a total of $114. Our #2 recommendation would be Blue Apron, and you can find $100 codes for them here. Our #3 recommendation would be Home Chef, and you can receive $90 off for them.


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