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Review: Freshly (Chef-Cooked & Ready In 3 Minutes)

Most meal delivery services offer added convenience, but using Freshly is a convenience at a different level. All meals are delivered fresh (not frozen), and there is no cooking involved at all. They all come ready to eat, can be enjoyed at your own convenience, and you can save on both cooking and cleaning time.

Additionally, all Freshly meals are gluten-free, free of refined sugars, and very high in protein. While the focal point of the menu does tend to be meat and seafood options, there are a large variety of vegetarian options to select from and options are highly customizable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in comparison to all of the previous meal review services we have tested and reviewed.

Menu options are constantly evolving, so you get to decide every week what you would like next and always try out new dishes, with all natural (although not completely organic ingredients) to select from.

A lot of customers select Freshly not just for the ease of preparation and saving on cook and clean time, but even for weight loss purposes. Because the meals are packed with protein yet light and nutritious, they keep you feeling full throughout the day and help you feel more energy for a longer period of time.

Freshly prep and box instructions
Image Credit: Freshly

Freshly: Menu and Food Options

Freshly offers high- protein, vegetarian, paleo, and meal options under 500 calories and under 35 grams of carbs.

Menu options include Veggie Baked Penne with Sautéed Zucchini and Spinach with extra grated cheese (under 500 calories, and gluten and soy free), Homestyle Chicken with Butternut Mac & Cheese with creamy pepper jack and cheddar sauce (high protein and soy free), Steak Peppercorn with Sautéed Carrots & French Green Beans (under 500 calories, under 35 grams of carbs, high protein, and gluten and soy free), and Buffalo Chicken with Loaded Cauliflower (also under 500 calories, 35 grams of carbs, high protein, and free of soy and gluten).

buffalo chicken and steak peppercorn
Image Credit: Freshly

If you’re a fan of veggie dishes, some popular items include the Spring Garden Veggie Bowl sweet potatoes dusted with smoky chipotle powder (vegan and dairy free), and the Korean-Style Veggie Bibimbap with cage-free scrambled egg for extra protein and toasted almonds for heart- healthy fats (under 500 calories, dairy free, and an excellent spicy option).

Korean Veggie Bowl
Image Credit: Freshly

Whether you enjoy fresh pasta dishes, meat options, chilis and soups, or various bowls, the dishes with Freshly are incredibly diverse and there is always something to make even the pickiest eater happy (in the shortest amount of time and the highest degree of convenience).

Baked Penne and Homestyle Chicken
Image Credit: Freshly

A lot of the under 500 calorie recipes are nothing short of mouth-watering and still seem light and refreshing, and yet are high enough in protein that they fill you up without any deprivation factor or need for additional snacking.

Freshly: Gift Options

Similar to many other meal delivery service plans we have reviewed, Freshly allows for gifting options as well.

You pick a meal plan for your recipient and cover their first plan, they redeem it and select whichever option works best for them. They can cancel at any point, and Freshly will cook and deliver the plan of their selection and deliver it to their door.

This is a great option for students as a care package, or if you’re simply looking for a unique new gift for a friend or family member. Plus, as a non-diet service, this is certainly not a gift that sends any message with specific connotations you have not intended, it’s just healthy for everyone and caters to all specific needs.

Freshly gift
Image Credit: Freshly

Freshly: Pricing Structures and Plans

Freshly has a few different options priced per meal and broken down into week, which makes it an easier to understand system and interface than a lot of other meal delivery services in terms of fees and pricing structures than we have tried out and tested before.

There are not any hidden fees, you can actually cancel at any time without any headaches, and shipping is always free with any plan.

Freshly plans include 4 meals for 12.50 per meal (priced at $49.99 per week), 6 meals per week at $9.99 per per meal (or 59.99 per week), 9 meals per week at 9.99 per meal ( or $89.99 per week), or 12 meals per week at $8.99 per week (or 107.99 per week).

freshly price options
Image Credit: Freshy

Meals are also customized for a variety of allergies, dietary needs, and specific requests to fit the needs of you and your family.

Using Freshly, you can also use the refer a friend program, and with every signed-up new referral, you will receive $40 off for yourself and and your friend will get a bonus as well- of 6 fresh dinners for 2 weeks at the rate of only $39. You can even use up to 10 new referrals per month.

Given weekly email updates (if you opt in), you’ll never miss the chance to skip offers and reminders about deadline orders so you can self-select all of your own preferences every week as well.

Freshly: Is It Right For You?

With roots in a high-protein and paleo based diet (that can also be enjoyed by those who only eat plant based meals), Freshly is great for those trying to stay healthy, save on calories, and even lose weight.

Yet all of the meal plans are still incredibly diverse and prepared with natural ingredients free of artificial ingredients, gluten, and refined sugars. They provide detailed nutrition information on each dish, which makes it easy to follow diets and know exactly what you are eating, and while every package is delivered fresh and insulated to your door, the service itself is also incredibly environmentally conscious, with the use of recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging and pre-planned meals are both filling yet don’t create food waste for you and/or your entire family, and in terms of convenience, this has to be the number one option we have tested in comparison to every other meal kit plan on the market.

Freshly woman no prep time
Image Credit: Freshly

So if you are not an expert in the kitchen, or simply looking to save on time and hassle (in terms of overall clean-up, prep time, and save on cooking), meals are ready in a matter of minutes, yet still incredibly fresh.

If you’re looking for the #1 convenience meal kit delivery service option, Freshly safely wins above its competitors by far.

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