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Blue Apron Review

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service we tried out and tested and enjoyed for the variety of options available, the chance to experiment with new cuisines (a lot of which have unique cultural and ethnic flair), and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to a lot of other competitors.

All of the meals are fresh, healthy, and about 500-800 calories per serving. They can be sent directly to your door anywhere within the U.S. on any day of the week

Blue Apron is also one of the lowest-cost meal delivery service options available. Their signature two-person plan is only $59.94 for three dishes per week, and their family plan (four servings), only amounts to $71.92 for two dishes or $119.84 for four dishes on a weekly basis.

We also loved their market, wine pairing, and gifting options, where you can shop for everything from different home appliances to fresh gourmet cheese and chocolates.

Blue Apron Meal Plans

When ordering from Blue Apron, you can pick from Signature, FreeStyle, Vegetarian, and Signature for 4 (servings) options.

With the Signature menu, you can select from different meat, fish and vegetarian options that are always changing and delicious. There are options like Smoky Chicken & Aioli with Saffron Rice & Olives, vegetarian Spring Pea & Mushroom Ramen, and Spanish-Spiced Salmon & Farro with Roasted Vegetables & Salsa Verde.


They range from about 460- 940 calories per serving, with most recipes at about 600 each, and cook times are about 20-45 minutes each.

With the Freestyle option, Blue Apron pairs with Weight Watchers to design recipes that are even easier and faster to make and quite healthy. You can select from savory dishes like Yellow Curry & Lemongrass Tilapia with Jasmine Rice (470 calories and 30 minutes to make), and Chipotle Cauliflower Steaks with Creamy Mashed Black Beans & Lemon Yogurt (460 calories and 40 minutes to make).

If you’re looking for delicious vegetarian options, there are plenty of choices like the Spicy Broccoli & Fresh Fusilli Pasta with Mascarpone Cheese (650 calories and 25 minutes to make), which adds a hint of spice to a creamy cheese dish and is still very filling.

When you’re looking to feed a larger family, or if you enjoy cooking multiple meals at once or hosting get togethers, the Signature for 4 offers a lot of the same delicious menu options as the regular Signature Blue Apron with 4 servings per dish and all with the same easy cooking times and vegetarian option plans.

Blue Apron can accommodate your diet if you’re a vegetarian, pescetarian, or have certain food allergies as well.

Blue Apron Pricing Options

If you frequent restaurants often, order out a lot, or use a lot of food ordering apps, meal delivery subscription services like Blue Apron can be a great way to cut down on weekly costs and save a lot of time on meal prep.

There is also a lot of ease of use in having meals sent to you, and less time spent with clean up, so if you’re used to a busy work schedule.

Recipes are packed fresh, insulated, and shipped in ice to your door (and available in different plan options at different price structures.

Here is a breakdown of current pricing structures for Blue Apron plans:

Blue Apron is actually one of the lowest cost per serving meal delivery services with a variety of health and fresh options in comparison to major competitors.

You may also opt to skip a week if desired.

*Signature servings for 3 are $95.88, and $119.84 for 4*


Blue Apron Pricing
Image Credit: Blue Apron

Blue Apron Wine Options

If you’re a fan of wine, Blue Apron has a diverse offering and service option per month to pair with all your favorite meals.

You can pick between all reds, all whites, or mix and match, and Blue Apron will give you pairing tips for selections based on your menu options.

For high-quality wines, like Pax’s rich and fruity Red Wine North Coast 2014 (which pairs perfectly with Pan Seared Chicken or Venezuelan Beef Arepas), the service only comes out to $10 per bottle of wine. You’ll receive 6 500ml bottles for $65.99 per month.

Even tasting notes and stories are included with every shipment.

Blue Apron Market

Blue Apron has a great e-commerce store (available to everyone) of pantry items, wines and cheeses, kitchen appliances, and their own exclusive collection featuring everything from cute aprons for your kids to full kitchen drawer utensil sets. Prices range from low to moderate, and you can find stainless steel French Wire Whisks for under $10 and 9-piece prep-bowl sets for under $30.

If you’re a true master-chef you can also find upscale specialty items like Precision Master Stand Mixers, 3-in-1 slow cookers, and Handcrafted Japanese knives.

Blue Apron also partners with Murray’s Cheese, so if you’re looking for a hosting, party, or catering gift, they are offering a limited edition of 5 fresh fine cheeses (5 oz) served with sea salt and olive oil crackers.

Blue Apron Gift Options

Blue Apron offers gift cards for that busy mom on the go you know in your life or any friend or family member you’d like to give one to, to try out the service. You can put any amount on the card starting at $60, and $120 will cover a 2 week delivery of a 2-person meal plan (with 2 recipes per week).

You can also select from either the food or wine menus, and print it out at home or email it to the recipient.

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