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Home Chef Review (One of the more affordable options?)

Home Chef Reviews for 2023

Home Chef is a meal delivery service that was started by Pat Vihetlic in 2013. The company has successfully managed to position itself as one of the largest and most successful meal delivery services on the market. As of early 2017, over 2.5 million meals are shipped monthly by Home Chef.

Our Home Chef Review

If you’re tired of produce & meat spoiling in your refrigerator, then using a meal delivery service is perfect for you since there will be minimum ingredients left over.

On MyFoodSubscriptions.com, we rate Home Chef at #2 for meal delivery. Our #1 recommendation is Sun Basket, click to read our Sun Basket review & grab a promo code. For other meal kits, click here to find a list of the best meal kits of 2023.

How much does Home Chef cost?

Each serving is $9.95. Every meal on Home Chef consists of 2 servings. For example, if you decide to order the Brasserie-Style Sirloin Steak meal, you will pay $19.90 and receive enough ingredients to cook two full-size meals.

Keep in mind that if your overall order is under $45, you will be charged $10 for shipping. On the other hand, any orders over $45 will be sent out with free shipping.

If you’re in the mood for a Smoothie or Fruit Basket, then Home Chef will charge you $4.95 per serving.

How do you select meals with Home Chef?

The process for selecting your meals with Home Chef is quite simple. It begins with clicking here and then clicking on the 70% off banner at the very top. Once you have placed your order, you will be redirected to your account interface where you will be able to amend your meals:

click to enlarge
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When your account is initially created with Home Chef, you’ll already find meals selected for you. But don’t fret, you typically have until the coming Friday to switch out your pre-selected meals for other meals. To remove a meal, and add another, all you have to do is hover over the meal with your mouse:

If are someone that cares to know every meal’s nutrition information as well as ingredients, then all you have to do is click on “View” when you cover over a meal. In this case, if we click on “View”,  we are sent to the following page that corresponds with this meal:

click to enlarge

If you’re not satisfied with the information found on the “Meal Facts” page, then simply click on “View Complete Recipes”, this will direct you to a page that shows you the full recipe for cooking this meal. For the steak meal, the recipe page is this.

Receiving your meals from Home Chef:

As a customer of Home Chef, you have the liberty to choose your delivery date. Meals are delivered between Tuesday to Friday, and you’re given the option to choose one of those days. If you decide that you want your meals on Wednesday’s, then all future meals will arrive at your doorstep on a Wednesday. Keep in mind, you will typically have to make the change to your delivery schedule the prior week for the change to register in time.

When your special day comes, you will be greeted with the following box:

A box of this size typically cares enough ingredients for 3 full meals. If you decide to order 6 meals for a single week, then you will receive two boxes. It’s also recommended that you open the box and refrigerate the appropriate ingredients within 8 hours of delivery.

In the event that your meals include any meat, you’ll find your meat at the bottom of the box, surrounded by ice packs:

Cooking your Home Chef meals:

Time to get cooking!

Every meal that you order from Home Chef comes in the following zip-lock bag:

All your ingredients for every meal can be found in the bag. Do keep in mind, that this is under the expectation that your kitchen is stocked with olive oil, salt, pepper, and sugar.

The first meal that we are going to be cooking is Grilled Chicken and Pear Salad (click here for recipe card)

We begin with preparing the ingredients:

Going from the left, we have a mixture of balsamic vinegar and honey. We then have sliced onions and pears. Pretty simple thus far!

Time to cook the chicken:

Two nicely sized chicken pieces, one for each serving.

How about roasting our onions:

Unfortunately, there were issues in roasting the onions since we couldn’t find our baking sheets. Since we couldn’t use a baking sheet, the onions didn’t really roast much. The “blackness” that you see on the onions is actually some of the balsamic-honey mix that we poured on top.

Moving onto the salad:

For the salad, we were given spinach, from there, we had to add olive oil to our balsamic-honey mix and toss it with the spinach. A few pinches of salt and pepper were added to the salad.

Have you ever toasted any nuts? Well you will in this meal:

To complete this meal, we had to toast our walnuts for about 4-5 minutes.

Drum roll please….time to put the meal together!

The presentation could have been a bit better, but we still believe it looks awesome! Most importantly, the meal was incredibly tasty and impressed by how simple it was made. You can spot the chicken, the spinach, walnuts, onions, goat cheese and pears in the dish. Everything tasted fresh and blended well. We were most surprised by how well the walnuts complemented the meal, especially in balancing out the strong taste by the vinaigrette.

Don’t forget, this dish is just one serving! We had two full plates of this!

The second meal that we will be cooking is Sirloin Steak with Sause Robert (click here for recipe card)

For this meal, we aren’t going to show preparation for every step, but let’s first look at all the ingredients:

and then just a bit of preparation….

What you’re looking at is cauliflower, chives, shallots and green beans.

How about the steak?

With the steak on the frying pan, we were 20 minutes away from completing our meal:

Picture perfect!

If you like what you see with Home Chef, make sure to grab a Home Chef coupon code for your first order!

We hope that you enjoyed our review! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below!


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