Homemade Plain Pasta

Easy and Simple!


Egg 1, beaten
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
All-purpose flour 1 cup
Water 2 tablespoons

This homemade pasta is the perfect staple and stepping stone for any dish you can imagine! Save money on ingredients and prepare food for the entire week to save on time.

Step 1: Use medium bowl to combine salt and flour

Step 2: Make well in flour, add mix and slightly beaten egg

Step 3: Mix will form stiff dough, add water as needed

Step 4: Flour a surface or cutting board and knead dough for several minutes

Step 5: Roll to desired thinness and cut into strips with desired width using knife

This simple way to make pasta can be used to make any dish you desire, or even paired with some butter or plain garlic and oil.

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