Yorkshire pudding

You can't make roast beef without them!



Eggs 3, large
Whole milk 3/4 cup
All-purpose flour 3/4 cup
Salt 3/4 teaspoon
Butter 1/4 cup

35 minutes to prepare, 25 minutes to cook, ready in 50 minutes

Nothing is more important to serve with roast beef than some tasty, traditional Yorkshire puddings. Carrots, greens, and potatoes? Sure, but there’s something about Yorkshire pudding that makes the whole meal perfect.

There are a million and one recipes available for them, which is crazy considering how simple they are to make. This one pretty much nails it, and can be cooked while you’re leaving your roast beef to stand.

Step 1: Start by preheating your oven to 400 degrees.

Step 2: Whisk together the eggs, milk, flour and salt. A medium sized bowl should be fine for this. Don’t overmix it, but make sure it’s not riddle with lumps of flour.

Step 3: Leave it to one side for thirty minutes.

Step 4: Divide the butter equally between each cup of a 12-cup muffin tin, and put it in the oven for five minutes.

Step 5: Take the tin out of the oven, and fill each cup about half-way. That should use up all of your batter.

Step 6: Put the tin back in the oven for 10 minutes. That should be plenty of time for them to puff up and reach a lovely golden-brown color.

Step 7: Serve with the rest of the dinner.

You can use any other kind of fat in place of the butter. Flour and milk don’t especially taste of much, so whatever you use will enhance the flavour, and make it a lot easier to remove the puddings from the tin.

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