Side Dishes

Fresh Lebanese Yogurt (Kosher)

The Perfect Unique Dipping Side


Extra virgin olive oil 1/4 cup
Greek Yogurt 1 1/2 cups
Fresh chopped mint 1 tablespoon
Fresh dill 1 tablespoon
Salt (Kosher) To taste

10 minutes to prepare, ready in 10 minutes

While we are all used to the traditional ranch dressings and classic dips, if you’re hosting a gathering or party, this delicious and fresh Lebanese Yogurt makes the perfect side to go with everything from fresh veggies to chips. It’s also nice to have a Kosher option available for guests, and it’s a unique choice that will have everyone asking “how did you make this?”

Step 1: Mix Greek yogurt, olive oil, mint, dill, and kosher salt together in a bowl

Step 2: Stir all ingredients together until blended thoroughly

Step 3: Leave in fridge covered for 12 hours

Step 4: Let side for a few minutes and serve, or garnish or season with desired toppings

This is one of the simplest ways to create an at home an authentic style Lebanese dish that is not only delicious, but will spark up a conversation between anyone who tries it out.

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