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Review: Factor 75 (#1 Paleo and Keto Focused Meal Kit Service?)

Factor 75 is a naturally based meal subscription kit and a food delivery service we have tested out that seems best if you are seeking healthy options with options that are changing weekly (with a self-selection based option), and focus on high-volume foods, especially for those with Paleo or Keto based meal preferences.

While Factor 75 does offer vegetarian plans, they are a bit more limited in comparison to other services we have tested out in the past. However, all of the meals are prepared by expert dietitians, using freshly sourced ingredients, and by in-house gourmet chefs. Each meal is fresh, and never frozen, and you heat up each meal in your oven or microwave to save on time.

Factor 75 definitely ranks very high on our list both in terms of the standard convenience factor and very low cook time, however with the fresh ingredients and health standards of the food included, all of the meals are still equally parts nutritious and delicious.

Additionally, if you have any specific food concerns or sensitivities, all of the menu options are free of gluten, refined sugar, and soy, have no added hormones or antibiotics, are non-GMO, and are grass-fed and pastured.

So is Factor 75 the right meal subscription service for you and/or your family?

paleo 75 menu dish options
Image Credit: Paleo 75

We tested it out to compare menu options, price structures, and special features to find out more.

Factor 75: Menu Options and Meal Plans

With Factor 75, you get to decide exactly what you want before receiving it without having to make any changes after the fact on a week-to-week basis with a menu that is always rotating.

Some of the meal options include Mustard Herb Pork Tenderloin, Milk Poached Pork, Paleo BBQ Salmon, Shrimp Alfredo, Keto Poblano Bowl, Paleo Butternut Squash Lasagna, Grilled Chicken & Mac, Honey Mustard Chicken, Winter Beef Tenderloin Stew, Chicken Parmesan, Bacon, Feta, Spinach Frittata Cups, Paleo Sesame Chicken, and Artichoke & Spinach Chicken Breast.

paleo 75 meal options
Image Credit: Paleo 75

Under every option, you can see which are low-carb, which are specifically a part of the Keto diet, spicy options, dairy free options, Paleo options, and which contain meat (the latter being the bulk of the menu options).

If you are a vegetarian, or have one in the family and are still looking into the Factor 75 meal kit plan, options like low-carb Pumpkin Pancakes and Paleo Granola may be appealing, but for most vegans or those sticking to plant-based diets, this is likely not the best selection in comparison to many other meal kits and services designed specifically to suit a more organic and vegan dish range.

factor 75 with vegetarian option
Image Credit: Factor 75

Factor 75: Pricing Structures and Plans

With Factor 75, you can pause, skip, or cancel your plan at any time you’d like, and meals are delivered fresh to your door Mondays through Wednesdays.

With the 4 meal per week option, you will pay $15 per serving ($60 per week), which makes a great plan for individuals or couples looking to try out the service or supplement some meals and cooking times.

For 6 meals per week, dishes are $12.83 per serving ($77 per week), also a great singles option for those who really enjoy the service and perfect for couples.

The most popular 8 meal per week option is $12.38 per serving ($99 per week), which is a better value than the first two and can work for both families and those seeking lunches and dinners.

12 meals per week will run you $11.50 per meal ($138 per week), making this a great family option for those with kids and a great savings option.

For the best value possible per meal, 18 meals per week cost $11 per meal ($198 per week), and this makes a great option for larger families who really enjoy the service, if you’re looking to host guests, or if you’re looking to save room for later with leftover options and use skip services for value discounts.

Factor 75: Diet and Philosophy

Factor 75 places a high emphasis on nutritional value and content, and all meals come fresh (never frozen), although there is little hassle involved as you can simply pop them in the oven or microwave to save on cleaning and cook time. Most meals range from 400-600 calories and are low in carbs and dense in protein.

The meals are not thought of as a diet or weight loss plan, but rather a meal kit service designed to optimize the mind and body, with a lot of lean proteins, low doses of glycemic carbs, and standard amounts of healthy fats. Rather than an emphasis on weight and calories, there is a strong emphasis on health and promoting good nutritional content.

factor 75 meal photos
Image Credit: Factor 75

The paleo focused meals avoid alcohol, gluten, and dairy, and emphasize eating higher amounts of unprocessed and healthy real foods.

Keto focused plans are higher in healthy fats and proteins and very low on carbs, forcing the body to burn fat as fuel and is usually a diet plan used for increased energy and weight loss.

With any or both of these plans, you can opt for dairy-free options as well, and many on Paleo diets or those with lactose sensitivity avoid dairy due to stomach discomfort, inflammation, and bloating issues.

Factor 75: Worth It?

Factor 75 is definitely a worth it winner if you’re looking for meals that save on hassle, free up cook and clean timings, and especially if you are already on or looking to try out a Keto or Paleo based menu offering.

While not designed to be a specific weight loss plan, this is a very healthy option especially if you’re seeking variety and choices that change every week, and if you’re looking to save on carbs.

Price wise, it’s fair and rather middle of the road, while it’s certainly not the least expensive meal kit delivery service we have tried yet to date, in comparison to quality, freshness, and taste (and the value scores very high especially considering the plan options and convenience factor), it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for the right consumer.

Taste-wise, we were surprised to find that Paleo and Keto based meal plans, a lot of which save on carbs, could both easily translate into lunch and dinner options, and prove to be very delicious, especially considering the preparation style.

So if you are looking for a lean protein rich meal service that either saves on carbs and definitely provides high nutritional value for you, you and your spouse/partner, or to feed a family, Factor 75 is a great offering and scores highest on ease of prep/lack of cook time combined with high density nutritional value.

Beverly joined MFS with a diverse breadth of experience in writing and digital marketing. Throughout the years of placing recipes on MFS, I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of “subscription boxes” for the cooking/food market. It was then that I decided to also include my own personal review of these subscriptions on MFS.

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