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Review: PeachDish (Farm Fresh Southern Flair)

Peach Dish is similar to some other meal delivery service kits and subscriptions we have tested in the past, but has a lot to offer in terms of factors of differentiation that make it stand out from its competitors as well.

First, you can select all of your own chef-inspired dishes each week, rather than having a box sent to you with pre-selected meals. With other services, you usually receive a selection and then can change options after the fact. Peach Dish adds to the regular convenience factor of meal kits by allowing you to skip this step entirely.

Peach Dish also partners with suppliers and vendors, and supplies a wealth of information on exactly how your food is sourced. Every supplier page has high quality images, maps, and and stories behind each dish, making it a true “farm to table” type user experience. It’s also a great way for a corporation to support local businesses

There’s also a “goodies” page, where you can purchase everything from cookbooks to treats and pantry items.

This is a great option if you’re a fan of Southern-style cuisine, and there are options to order as a guest without a subscription or begin as a subscriber, so if you’re new to meal kits, this is a great way to begin without taking the plunge into completely unknown waters.

So is PeachDish right for you and or your family, and how are the meals?

We reviewed and compared to find out more.

Image Credit: PeachDish

PeachDish: Menu and Meal Options

In terms of orders, you can use a guest checkout to try out menu options or use the market to buy goods, meals, and foods from PeachDish, or you can opt to subscribe to the service. The latter will generally cost you less, plus you can opt to skip or cancel the plan at any point.

In terms of variety and quality, all of the meals are locally sourced and freshly prepared, and there are plenty of options if you have any food allergies or are sticking to a plant-based diet.

For weekly dish options, if you’re in a hurry and looking for a meal that takes 35 minutes or less to prepare and serve, you can select from the PeachDish “QuickFix” option, with delicious dishes like Balsamic-Onion Pizza with Gruyere & Arugula, Chicken Chickpea Soup with Spinach, Tahini & Lemon, or the SuperFood Noodle Bowl with Tempeh, Bok Choy & Cashews.

peachdish quick fix menu options
ImageCredit: PeachDish

If you are a fan of meat that’s locally sourced and fresh, PeachDish also has some great options with a lot of variety to pick from, including Beef Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw, Radish & Lime and Lowcountry Red Rice with Smoked Chicken Sausage.

peachdish meat options
Image Credit: PeachDish

If you love seafood dishes, the menu is also diverse and comes with a wide variety of seasonings and sides to add flair, along with healthy grains, fresh produce, and pasta options if you’re a fan. Dishes include Sweet Garlic Glazed Salmon with Penne, Arugula & Edamame and Cod & Spring Vegetables en Papillote with with Butter & Herbs.

peachdish seafood options
Image Credit: PeachDish

For vegetarians, there is a wide selection of options with healthy produce and grain based meals that are still delicious and filling. Options include Savory Asparagus Crepes with Pesto & Ricotta, Brûléed Tofu with Coconut-Ginger Greens & Turmeric Rice, Tuscan Ribollita with Kale, White Beans & Carrots, and Potato Galette with Glazed Mushrooms & Carrot Salad.

peachdish vegetarian options
Image Credit: PeachDish

Vegan options are also on the menu if you do not eat any meat or dairy products, and they make delicious options that are easy to prepare whether you are starting a new vegan plan or already a vegan. Options include Barbecue Tempeh Sandwiches with with Carrot-Apricot Slaw, Lemon-Lentil Soup with with Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomato & Almonds, and Chorizo Seitan Pupusas with with Radish, Carrot & Artichoke Salsa.

peachdish vegan tempeh burger meal
Image Credit: PeachDish

If you are allergic to gluten or trying to maintain a gluten-free diet, PeachDish offers a great variety of foods similar to classic options that save on the time and hassle of having to check every ingredient and listing option at the grocery store. Dish options include Maple Pork Chops with Buttery Root Vegetable Mash, Spicy Thai-Style Beef Salad with Mint, Peanuts & Lime, and Chicken Meatballs with with Coconut Red Curry, Brown Rice Noodles & Sugar Snap Peas.

gluten-free options Peachdish menu
Image Credit: PeachDish

Dessert options for those who are fans of sweets include Chocolate Pecan Pizza with Vanilla, Mint & Mascarpone and Blueberry-Lemon Glazed Crepes with Whipped Cream & Powdered Sugar.

peachdish dessert menu options
Image Credit: PeachDish

PeachDish: The Market

Whether you’re a customer or a guest, PeachDish has a variety of featured, meat, seafood, pantry items, seasonings, condiments, sweets, snacks, beverages, and gift card options to select from to purchase for yourself or as gifts.

If you’re a fan of orange, wildflower, or honey blossom sticks, or loose tea tins, PeachDish has you covered with unique pantry items that can’t be found elsewhere and are exclusive to the brand.

Image Credit: PeachDish

You can also purchase a PeachDish gift card for anyone on your list that can go towards meals, subscriptions or the market items ranging from $100-$300 (if you’re looking to purchase a gift card for a different amount, you can contact the company and inquire or purchase more than one).

Image Credit: PeachDish

Specialty seasoning items include French inspired briny picnic sea salt, starlight vanilla sugar, briny sea campfire salt, and briny sea kitchen basics sea sampler packs.

Image Credit: PeachDish

Condiments include Doux South Angry Cucumbers, Fairywood Elderberry Jelly, and Fairywood Thicket Farm Mango Chutney. If you’re a fan of specialty sauces and dressings, these are truly delicious.

Image Credit: PeachDish

If you like healthy and fresh snacks, PeachDish has an assortment of options ranging from French Roast Pecans in a variety of flavors, to Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Salted Caramel Popcorn to Poppy Popcorn Mixed Bags (for under $5 each).

Image Credit: PeachDish

If the PeachDish dessert menu options aren’t satisfying your cravings for sweets enough, and we can all understand that from time to time, Signature Nola Girl Brownies in a variety of flavors, Sourwood Honey Caramels, and Sea Salt Caramels may just do the trick.

Image Credit: PeachDish

Breakfast Healthy Hemp bars, Lemon Cranberry Energy Bites, Granola Bars, and loose tea beverage tins also top the menu options for the market.

Image Credit: PeachDish

There are also always items on sale, so if you’re on the hunt for a bargain and looking to save, PeachDish strives to accommodate and work with your budget concerns also.

PeachDish: Pricing Structure and Plans

With PeachDish, whether you sign up as a guest or start as a subscriber, most meals are priced at $25 per 2 servings (some are around $30 for 2 servings), and you can add up to 12 servings each per dish.

There are about 8 options per week to pick from, and with the ability to view menus in advance you can also easily opt out even if you pick the subscription service option.

In terms of pricing, shipping is free for orders of $60 or more and there are plenty of coupon codes available especially for new customers, however this is not the least expensive meal service kit we have tested. It is still much less expensive than dining out and offers added convenience, and there is the guest option checkout, which offers an option for those who aren’t ready for a full commitment just yet.

Image Credit: PeachDish

There are also partnerships with farmers and chefs which make this a very transparent and fair-trade company, in addition to the meals being nothing short of fresh and delicious every time, but if you are seeking the lowest cost alternative this may not be the best route- especially if you want to feed a larger family on a budget.

peach dish fresh meal bowl option
Image Credit: Peach Dish

PeachDish: Farmers and Chefs

Besides delicious Southern flair dishes, one major standout with PeachDish is in their partnerships with local farmers and suppliers.

They partner with family-owned companies like Springer-Mountain Farms to source hormone-free meat, 5Oaks to supply local jams and market items, Sidney’s Spices for quality seasonings straight from Atlanta, Belle Chevre for freshly prepared goat cheeses, Nona Lim (a professional female athlete turned fresh produce supplier who views food as functional medicine), and a variety of other small business farming companies. These suppliers have not only been able to showcase their foods via a larger corporation, PeachDish customers can enjoy a more personal experience coming from a place of good practice and fair standards.

PeachDish local suppliers
Image Credit: PeachDish

Additionally, PeachDish has a staff of guest chefs and recipe consultants, along with a solid team of chefs who prepare and design every recipe. However, the team and culinary director puts local farmers first so the basis for development always begins with freshly sourced local ingredients.

That’s a solid message along with a delicious menu with some southern flair we can all sit behind a table and enjoy!

Beverly joined MFS with a diverse breadth of experience in writing and digital marketing. Throughout the years of placing recipes on MFS, I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of “subscription boxes” for the cooking/food market. It was then that I decided to also include my own personal review of these subscriptions on MFS.

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