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Review: Veestro (#1 Variety Vegan Plan?)

Veestro is a meal kit subscription service focused on a plant-rich vegan menu offering, with the most variety we have seen yet in comparison to a lot of other vegan specific plans we have tested out.

With flavorful and easy to prepare a la carte options (including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks), meal pack options, weight loss plans, and juice cleanse plans, you can build your own box at your leisure and discretion.

The philosophy behind the plan is based in variety and a high degree of autonomy, so while it is is all plant-based, fresh, and dense in nutrients, this is not a very strict vegan plan. It’s one that even vegetarians who are not huge dairy fans may enjoy as well because of the quality of the dish options, and it’s also fairly priced (particularly for a specialty service plan).

In fact, this is a great option to try out even if you aren’t a vegan and are just looking for more plant-heavy convenient and healthy meal options as well.

Using Veestro you can also screen for any potential food allergens or avoid gluten, if you have any sensitivities or are on a specific gluten-free plan. All options are heat and serve style, meaning there is no cooking or cleaning hassle involved, adding to the additional convenience factor of your regular meal delivery subscription service.

This is definitely the most convenient vegan-exclusive option we’ve seen with the most variety in comparison to any other meal kit plan or subscription service, and the food is still quite fresh and delicious, even without the need for cooking.

So is Veestro the right meal delivery subscription kit for you and how does it compare to the competition?

We tested and reviewed to find out more.

veestro menu option
Image Credit: Veestro

Veestro: Food and Menu Options

Using the self-selection a la carte option with Veestro, you can filter options for high-protein meals, soy-free options, gluten-free options, nut-free options, kosher dishes, and low-calorie picks. You’ll also find different juices, breakfasts and entrees (lunches and dinners) to select from.

Entrees include Carrot Osso Bucco, Red Curry with Tofu, Veggie Empanadas, Soba Noodles in Peanut Sauce, Thai Chick’n Stew, Chick’n Quesadilla, Veggie Pesto Pizza, Mushroom Risotto, Baked Mac & Cheez Dinner, Southwest BBQ Chick’n, Shepherdless Pie, Black Bean Pasta Alfredo, Ultimate Veggie Wraps, Pepp’roni Pizza, and Chinese Eggplant StirFry.

Breakfast options include Spanish Tortas, Savory Croquettes, Breakfast Burritos, Three Layer Scrambles, Oatmeal Breakfast Pies, Omelet Primavera, and Rice & Quinoa Pie.

Juice options include Mighty Greens, refreshing blends of fresh greens delivers nourishing energy, while lemon, ginger, and cayenne deliver a zesty kick of flavor.

With the Chef’s Choice Plan, you can opt to receive popular meals that are chef-prepared and fresh, based on previous consumer favorites (if you’re uncertain about making selections using the a la carte menu).

You can also opt for exclusively high-protein or gluten-free options, juice cleanse plans, or the weight loss plan (3 meals per day at 1200 calories).

Veestro: Pricing Plans and Structure

There are a few different options and price plans using Veestro. If you want to order from the a la carte menu selection plan and choose all of your meals, you can order in quantities of 10, 20, or 30 per time. The breakdown looks like this per serving and in total:

veestro meal structure options
Image Credit: Veestro

With the Chef’s Choice Plan, you can opt for deliveries of customer favorites either every week or every two weeks for 10, 20, or 30 meals (priced at $117, $216, and $279 and free shipping per week accordingly).

The weight loss plan option includes 3 meals per day at 1200 calories total, with gluten-free options if desired, and you can select from the 5 day plan for $175.50 or the 7 day plan for $226.80.

Veestro: Is It Right For You?

Veestro is definitely an ideal service if you’re looking for a vegan meal kit plan with a lot of different variety and options that doesn’t overwhelm your budget (considering the category and specificity), and is incredibly easy to prepare- requiring no cook or clean times, if you live an active or busy lifestyle and want to save on time in addition to the added convenience factor.

Veestro is also a good pick if you’re looking for a more specific vegan plan, such as a gluten-free option or a weight loss plan, or looking to try a juice cleanse (or some variety of the above, as you can mix and match as you go while using the service as you’d like).

It’s also a great option if you are starting a new plant-rich or vegan diet and uncertain of how or where to begin it while maintaining a protein and nutrient-dense option that still contains a lot of flavor, as the menu options include healthy foods but also selections that are (while healthy) still vegan “treats” like lasagna and pizza. So this definitely is not an incredibly strict plan or one that seems difficult or depriving, especially for those new to vegan food options.

veestro meal dishes
Image Credit: Veestro

The focal philosophy is one of maintaining a healthy plant-based diet with fresh food options and plenty of variety for a broad consumer base, that still taste good, and can be easily prepared in short amounts of time if you always seem to be busy.

Bonus points: we love the blog section of the site filled with a wealth of information on nutrition, health, and vegan eating. And it’s not boring. You can read about “Supercharging Your Sex Life” also if you want, and of course, how this perhaps relates to plants and nature.

veestro food blog plant photo
Image Credit: Veestro

In comparison to other vegan-specific plans we have tried out, we love the menu options, flavors of the dishes, and autonomy the customer gets in terms of selecting their own preferences (as you can opt for a more “cheat plan” style meal a la carte, do a full juice cleanse, or stick to the pre-planned weight loss diet).

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