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Review: Daily Harvest (#1 Healthy Eating As a Lifestyle)

100% Vegan & Organic Cups & Bowls

Daily Harvest is a relatively new delivery food service option that offers a few unique spins on meal kits in general. First, all of the food options are 100% vegan and organic, enriched with vitamins, nutrients, and superfoods, designed to make eating tasty, healthy, and convenient.

Next, Daily Harvest takes convenience and portability to the next level by delivering meals in cups and bowls (a lot of options include soups, smoothies, breakfast bowls, lattes, and harvest style bowls).

This is extra convenient if you want to save time on cooking and kitchen supplies, or save on all the preparation time it can take in purchasing and preparing organic ingredients that go into complex bowls, broths, and vegan style smoothies.

Daily Harvest Latte lattes
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

One of the best features with using Daily Harvest, if you’re a fan of healthy meals and snacks, is it’s one of the only available options in comparison to market prices to pay less for a fresh organic chia bowl or smoothie, for example, with the additional added convenience of a fresh delivery to your door.

Daily Harvest: Meals, Snacks, and Cups

All Daily Harvest Meals are frozen minutes within harvest and arrive this way to your door to ensure peak freshness, nutrition, and quality. And with each one, you simply need to add a liquid base and your meal is ready in minutes.

You start building your box by selecting from either weekly (9, 12, or 24 box) or monthly plan (24 box) options, or you can start with a preselected box with some popular choices if you’re not sure what to pick from.

Daily Harvest’s bestsellers (preselected) box which is great for newcomers to try some popular selections all at once, which includes 3 Daily Harvest Bowls, 2 Oat Bowls, 2 Soups, and 5 different smoothie options.

Smoothie choices include high-protein Strawberry and Peach, Mint and Cacao with cashew butter, Cold Brew Almond (which tastes like a Coffee Frappé with green coffee beans), Pineapple and Matcha with green tea and fat-burning coconut, and  Chocolate and Hazelnut, which has a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio for muscle recovery, ideal for athletes or if you work out a lot and are also looking to enjoy something delicious.

daily harvest smoothie options
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

If you are a fan of healthy harvest bowls but don’t want to pay take-out prices or purchase all of the costly ingredients to only make a single type, Daily Harvest has a wide variety of selections that are fresh, tasty, and incredibly healthy to pick from. Some options include the popular Brussels Sprouts and Tahini with tumeric, the Butternut Squash and Chimichurri with fresh buckwheat, and the low-carb Cauliflower Rice and Pesto with a hint of nutritional yeast and extra B vitamins.

daily harvest bowls
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest also has you covered if you are a fan of healthy and filling Oat Bowls that leave you feeling satisfied but are still delicious. Some options include
Mulberry and Dragon Fruit, Cinnamon Protein and Banana, and Pumpkin and Chai with organic maple syrup. 

Daily Harvest Oat Bowl options
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

Soup options are fresh and diverse, with options including anti-inflammatory Mushroom and Miso with stress-relieving properties, Lentil and Mesquite Chili that’s filling and packed with protein but still lightweight, Carrot and Coconut with ginger and curry spice, and Cauliflower and Leek Stew, a fiber-rich veggie-packed spin on a French classic. They’re not only pretty delicious and healthy, they are fairly versatile and can be enjoyed during any season.

daily harvest soup options
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

Blended Soup Bowl Options include Tomato + Bell Pepper Gazpacho (restaurant fresh but more convenient, healthier, and less expensive), and Chilled Avocado and Cucumber that is equally parts creamy and refreshing.

blended soup bowls
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

Lattes (all in 3 single serve pods) include Chaga and Chocolate (a feel good hot chocolate packed with superfoods), Matcha and Lemongrass (a jitter-free way to promote mental clarity), and Ginger and Turmeric, which is warm and spicy with anti-inflammatory soothing ginger.

daily harvest latte options
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

Delicious Chia Bowl options include Mango and Turmeric with organic pineapple and fresh ginger, Chocolate Protein and Almond with banana and almond butter, and Blackberry and Majik with B12 vitamins, enzymes, blue-green algae, and minerals.

daily harvest chia bowls
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest meal plan options are not only fresh, organic, delicious, and convenient, they are some of the healthiest snacks and dishes you can consume.

Daily Harvest: Pricing Structure and Plans

In comparison to purchasing organic chia bowls, smoothies, and harvest bowls from stores (or even purchasing the ingredients yourself), Daily Harvest pricing not only works out to be less expensive per meal, but you get the added convenience of deliveries straight to your door.

daily harvest plan options
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

You can opt for weekly plans of either 9 boxes for $7.75 per cup, or 12 boxes for $7.49 per cup (which is the most popular plan).

You can also do a monthly plan of 24 boxes boxes for $6.99 per cup, which works out to be the best overall value.

You can also skip boxes if desired, or cancel your service at any time if you wish.

Using code “FB25” you can also take $25 off your first box!

Daily Harvest: Exclusive Cookies

While Daily Harvest is definitely one of the healthiest options around and perfect if you are seeking easy to make and organic vegan on-the-go snacks, we all need a treat now and then also.

daily harvest cookie boxes
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

You don’t even need a Daily Harvest plan subscription to order them, and you can also give them as a gift if you want.

Daily Harvest has an exclusive line of gluten-free, plant based cookies with ready to bake dough and they only take about 20 minutes to make.

All of the cookies are sold in 3 packs of 12 (a total of 36 each), and come in a variety pack, or 3 exclusive flavors (Coconut Lemon, Chocolate Chia, and Cacao Nib).


Daily Harvest Cookie options
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest: Gift Options

Daily Harvest makes the perfect gift option for a friend you know who loves healthy snacks, or even if you have a kid in college who needs healthy snacks and meals that are easy to prepare and don’t require any cooking essentials (just add water and prepare!)

You can select a gift card, or put a gift card towards a preexisting account or plan, or you can give a 9 cup box filled with your own selections for $75.

Daily Harvest Gift Options
Image Credit: Daily Harvest

All in all, Daily Harvest is a standout because of healthy organic options that feed the body (and soul), are even less expensive and more convenient than store bought options for the same foods, and simply require water to add and make in minutes.

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