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Review: Eatology Paleo-Zone (Nutritious Cheat Meals)

If you are looking to follow an exclusively Paleo diet, or looking to start one and don’t quite know where to begin, Eatology offers a simple service with breakfast, lunch and dinner options made with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

Designed with the same regular convenience in mind as all of the usual food subscription kits we have reviewed and tested out thus far, Eatology takes convenience a step further by providing an easy option for those looking to eat a very specific plan that can be confusing to start and/or maintain.

The focal point of any Paleo (or “primal”) diet and Eatology is based around meaty proteins, fresh produce, and natural fats. All grains, potatoes, corn, refined sugars, processed oils, and starches are eliminated from the program. The idea is to balance insulin levels, achieve optimal energy levels, eat clean and healthy foods with high nutritional content, and even reduce inflammation in the body.

With Eatology, you can also select from a quantity of meals to start with, or begin with a typical subscription service (which will run you less money by about 20%). You can also select your own meals or have the company select for you, pick up meals in person if you’re local to the distributing factory, and screen for any potential allergens.

All of the meals are fresh, and there are even custom options to pick from (i.e. family platters, seasonal specials, vegetarian options).

The best part? There is zero deprivation involved and the service even offers Keto pizza boxes. In fact, if anything, we’d consider these Paleo “cheat meals.”

So how does it compare to other meal kits we have tried, especially ones with Keto friendly menu options?

paleo chicken sandwich
Image Credit: Food Box HQ

We reviewed to find out more plan information.

Eatology Paleo Zone: Menu and Meal Options

All Eatology meals are free of gluten, hormones, and preservatives, and while very nutritious, the catch is they all seem like “cheat meals” that are still delicious while following the Paleo diet.

Meals are offered in 2B (medium) sizes and 3B (large sizes), and you can order them via a subscription plan or a one-time package of 10, 15, or 21 meals. You can also self-select or opt for a chef-selection that the company itself picks for you. There is also a family platter option, and even a “dorm option” for student subscription services.

Delicious options on the menu include Primo Pineapple Pizza, Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad, Apple Crumble Upside-Down Cake, Cilantro-Jalapeno Burgers, Ratatouille, Mushroom n’ Onion Pizza, Brisket Breakfast Bowl, Chili Cheese Fries, Mint Mojito Pulled Pork, Pastelon Pie Breakfast, Blueberry Good Morning Bread, Honey-Roasted Chicken, and different spins on both breakfast bowls and honey nuggets with sauces (like creamy honey mustard).

eatology paleo zone meals
Image Credit: Eatology

So if based on the Paleo Eatology Zone Logo feature photo you had a different idea of only broccoli or celery in mind, you can definitely reconsider.

The meals and serving offerings manage to somehow be both delicious and save on calories, carbs, and provide nutrition while sticking to a Paleo diet. This is perhaps the greatest factor of differentiation between other meal kits we have tested with Paleo plans or even Paleo specific meal kit options.

eatology meal photo options
Image Credit: Eatology

The idea is cheating on a specific diet, and it actually seems to work while tasting great in the process.

Eatology Paleo Zone: Plan Structures and Pricing

Here are some breakdowns in pricing structures for non-subscription orders if you’d like to use the guest checkout:

eatology guest pricing
Image Credit: Eatology

For recurring orders placed as a subscription, here is a breakdown of plans and options (with a 20% savings in comparison to regular guest checkout options):

eatology subscription pricing
Image Credit: Eatology

Here is a breakdown of pricing for semester meal plans for students, if you plan on sending this as a gift for your college student or ordering it yourself instead of often questionable cafeteria school:

eatology student pricing
Image Credit: Eatology

Especially in comparison to a lot of other meal kits on the market, Eatology has very fair pricing structures and different plans for those who want to try out the service, especially for a plan that is geared towards a specific diet- and easy to prepare, hassle-free, and nutritious yet “cheat meal” style nutritious, which we can all appreciate.

Eatology Paleo Zone: Is It Worth It?

Eatology is definitely a very specific service and perfect if you’re looking for a Paleo based diet, or looking to start one out for the first time in the easiest and most convenient way possible, that is equally parts dense with nutrients that provide energy and filled with “cheat meal” style options that are perfect for those either new to the the diet, bored with the regular style of the diet, or simply (all of us?) who enjoy tasty food.

The great part about this “cheating” style is it still feels light and is light on calories, yet strikes the perfect balance between being good for you and good for the palette.

For freshly prepared food free of any hormones or harmful additives, it’s also set at quite a reasonable price with a lot of different structuring options, and the student plan is especially great for value, if you consider the costs of regular college meals and their general nutritional content in combination with late night pizza runs and (potential) beer.

This is definitely a solid service that ranks high on the list for specificity in a very good way, and provides great value along the way. It’s also reasonable to entertain Eatology as an option for individuals, couples, families, and if you’re doing guest serving.

Considering the variety and pricing, along with the nutritional quality and taste, this is definitely one of our “staff favorites,” so to speak.

Beverly joined MFS with a diverse breadth of experience in writing and digital marketing. Throughout the years of placing recipes on MFS, I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of “subscription boxes” for the cooking/food market. It was then that I decided to also include my own personal review of these subscriptions on MFS.

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